Report Printing from Dynamics within a VDI or restricted environment

Sometimes when attempting to Print Reports from Dynamics you get an error due to an ActiveX control. It appears that when you click the Print button, it tries to download and install a CAB file from the MS SQL Server that has Reporting Services Installed.

This needs Admin rights for the install to be successful and in some environments, this is blocked.

The following link had some very useful information concerning this.

Client Side Printing – Silent Deployment of rsclientprint

I have performed the following test on a Citrix VDI.

1. Tried running report, clicked Print, IE tried to install a plugin which I cancelled.
2. Copied the DLL’s from the CAB file over to windows\system32
3. Registered the DLL
4. Tried running report, clicked Print, and it worked 

So, to fix this issue, all we need to do is copy the DLL’s over to windows\system32 , register the one dll, and printing problem solved.

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